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Department (DEPE) supplies education of the study field - the environment protection engineering.This field take environment aspects of engineering study at faculty of technology by enhancement of subjects oriented in environment protection.
Pedagogic activities of DEPE are directed to areas as follows: first area is education of theoretical principles of analytical chemistry; in the second area there are taught courses with environmental thematic (protection of the environment, instrumental analysis and special methods, toxicology, principles of ecology, microbiology, biochemistry, technology of the environment protection, etc.). In the last 10th semester, the study is finished by graduation theses with environmental thematic.
All knowledge is needed in view of environmental situation in Czech Republic and importance of solving environmental problems. Recently, there is an increasing demand for experts with complex knowledge in this field. Expert should be able to solve tasks related to protection and formation of environment. Graduate application from this field is practically unlimited, because of environmental approach to problem solving.

Regular teaching started in academic year 1993/1994. From our experience follows, that graduate application is versatile:

 In administrative sphere:

  • Departments of Environment protection at municipal authorities and county councils
  • Divisions of working environment at industrial sphere
  • Ministry of Environment protection
  • County hygienic stations
  • Czech inspections of Environment Protection
  • Ecological consultant

In technical sphere:

  • Specialized service at ecological and environmental problems (e.g. Vodní zdroje Holešov, VaK)
  • Laboratory of scientific and research institutes (e.g. Academy of Science, ITC, a.s. Zlín
  • Production management
  • Sewage works
  • Incineration house
  • Waste dumps and waste management
  • Waste and secondary materials treatment
  • Medical Institute  


     Department of Environment Protection Engineering
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    Czech Republic
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