• Environmental problems – research and application of methodics for assessment of xenobiotics, their behavior and fate in biotic ambient, practical working (proposal of biotechnology implementations) for solving of particular problems of industrial companies, research of remediation of water and soils contaminated by chlorinated hydrocarbons and petroleum products.
  • Assessment of biodegradation of polymeric substances in aerobic and anaerobic ambient incompletely soluble or insoluble in water environment.

Workgroup members:

    prof. Mgr. Marek Koutný, Ph.D.
    doc. RNDr. Jan Růžička, Ph.D.
    Ing. Markéta Julinová, Ph.D.
    Ing. Marie Dvořáčková, Ph.D.
    Mgr. Petra Jančová, Ph.D. - MD
    Ing. Petr Stloukal, Ph.D.
    Ing. Barbora Vlachynská
    Ing. Ludmila Vaňharová
    Ing. Martin Jurča
    Ing. Zita Bastlová
    Ing. Michal Zálešák
    Ing. Markéta Měrková
    Ing. Kristýna Maršálková
    Ing. Jan Salač
    Ing. Karel Křížek
    Ing. Zuzana Svobodová
    Bc. Veronika Kučabová