Environmental Geology

    Head of subject: Ing. Roman Slavík, Ph.D.

    The aim of this subject is to provide students the complex knowledge from the field of environmental geology and deepen the knowledge in remediation geology. Students should be able to handle the various practical environmental problems according to this knowledge. Especial interest is given to the problematic of terrain exploration, mining of rock and minerals, but notably to industrial impacts assessment to the rock environment. Last but not least the field of geological legislation related to environment protection is mentioned.

      Lessons are aimed to following 14 themes:
    1. Basic terms in environmental geology;
    2. Geofactors and geological hazards;
    3. Basics of pedology, pedogenesis, pedogenetical study, soil classification;
    4. Exploitation and utilization of raw minerals. Mining and their environmental impacts;
    5. Environmental geochemistry and biogeochemistry;
    6. Contamination of rock environment and their behaviour;
    7. Landfilling and waste disposal into the rock environment;
    8. Geographic information systems and its use for environmental risk assessment;
    9. Geothermal and alternative energy sources;
    10. Important geofactors affecting human health;
    11. Applications of the Risk analysis principles;
    12. -13. Advanced remediation technologies;
    13. -14.Legislation in the field of environmental and remediation geology.