Introduction to redevelopment geology

    Head of subject: Ing. Roman Slavík, Ph.D.

    In the view of the fact that the interest of the environmental damage removal is rising, students are acquaint with basics of geology, hydrogeology, geochemistry and remediation technologies. Students will get acquainted with new information from the field of progressive removal methods and technologies which development is reacting to toughen the regulation and cleanness quality of the environment, groundwater and rock environment.

      Brief summary of curriculum content:
    1. Earth Formation and evolution. Earth Structure.
    2. Plate Tectonics. Geological Dating and Mapping.
    3. Rocks and Minerals. Rock Cycle.
    4. Rock Environment, soil, Surface- and Groundwater.
    5. Influence of rock environment to human.
    6. Influence of anthropogenic activities to rock environment.
    7. Rock environment contamination and its sources.
    8. Pollutants chemical reactions in the rock environment. Natural attenuation.
    9. Preliminary steps of the remediation. Risk Assessment.
    10. Engineering geological study of contaminated area.
    11. Groundwater remediation technologies.
    12. Cleaning of solid materials, unsaturated zone and soil air.
    13. Innovative technologies and application of Nanotechnologies at remediation.
    14. Remediation Legislation and Economics.