Environmental analysis sampling

    Head of subject: Ing. Roman Slavík, Ph. D.
    Next teachers: Ing. Markéta Julinová, Ph. D.

    Lectures are focused to specific problems at environment matrices sampling. The subject is aimed to deepen knowledge in the field of analytical chemistry and environment protection. Attention is given to the problematic of air, soil, rock environment and water monitoring systems too.

    1. General and basic terms of sampling. Sampling documentation content and appropriateness.
    2. Preliminary exploration of contaminated site. Standard operating procedures at sampling, QC/QA management.
    3. Sampling planning - sampling plans/protocols, work safety.
    4. Technical devices for sampling. Active and passive sampling devices.
    5. Monitoring systems. Surface- and Groundwater sampling.
    6. Sampling of municipal and industrial wastes.
    7. Soil, soil atmosphere, sludge and sediment sampling.
    8. Terrain sample adjustment - transportation - storage.
    9. Undesirable sample changes.
    10. Laboratory sample adjustment, analytical method validation.
    11. Sample matrices specific analysis - analysis evaluation - final report.
    12. Basic separation and concentration methods.
    13. New trends in analytical chemistry of the environment.
    14. Sampling Legislation and case studies.